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Hooked on Rubber Band Jewelry - Loom Magic

Go beyond the loom with "Hocked on Rubber Band Jewelry". Elizabeth Kollmar takes the rubber band jewelry craze to new level with her innovative techniques and cool fun designs. Her new book shows you how to create cool bracelets and necklaces without ever using a loom. This book takes you step by step with clear easy to follow diagrams. Her simple way allow you to weave your creation in your own ways.

Loom Magic! This book includes 25 new rubber band loom trends including bracelets, key rings, pendants, cell phone case, daisy chain bracelets and even more.

Loom Band Crafts 2 Books Collection Set

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Rubber Band Loom Fun Awesome for Bracelets, Necklace and Ring

Loom Bands are beloved by children and the bane of parents and teachers.
But what are they and where did they come from?
If you have kids of certain age, you will have heard of loom bands also known as Rainbow Loom. Loom bands are the small multi colored elastic bands from which the bracelets, necklaces and other items are woven. They are sold in packs of hundreds or thousands, either single color or mixed.

While simple loom band bracelets etc can be made using just fingers and hands the more complex designs require the use of a loom. Now question is arise how to use loom band and how to design bracelets, ring and other items. For this there are many sites which offer Loom Band Book Collection.                 

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Mr Gum & The Goblins By Andy Stanton

Mr Gum is the character who is a mean, grumpy old man with “two bloodshot eyes that stare out at you like an octopus”.  He hates Children, Animals, fun and corn on the cob. His favorite TV show is “Big of Stick” and “Leg Mash”, a program showing ways people have broken their lags. He and Billy William are very good friends.  Andy Stanton has written the story of Mr Gum. He writes many books on Mr Gum.

Mr Gum & The Goblins by Andy Stanton

Book Bundles offer 8 books collection of Mr Gum series by Andy Stanton. This series of books are very amazing and fun for kids. This collection of books includes:
  1. Mr Gum & The Goblins
  2. Mr Gum & The Dancing Bear
  3. Mr Gum and the Cherry Tree
  4. You're A Bad Man Mr Gum
  5. Mr Gum & Biscuit Billionaire
  6. Mr Gum & The Power Crystals
  7. What's for Dinner, Mr Gum?
  8. Mr Gum and the Secret Hideout
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Magic Rubber Band Loom Craft Bracelet 6 Books Collection Set

Book Bundles presents Loom Band Crafts Bracelet 6 Books Collection Set by Becky Thomas for kids. This books collection set is very helpful for the kids to encourage them to make the most amazing and fun new accessories ever. With the help of just few tools and easy to follow pattern your kids can create completely colourful and super stylish bracelets, necklaces, earrings, mini purses and other accessories in just minutes.
Rubber band jewelry is just awesome and great for parties, break time, bus rides and other place you can think of.

 Magic Rubber Band Loom Craft Bracelet

This book set includes different title set:

1) Loom Magic!: 25 Awesome, Never-Before-Seen Designs for an Amazing Rainbow of Projects
2) Loom Magic Charms!:25 Cool Designs That Will Rock Your Rainbow
3) Loom Magic Xtreme!:25 Awesome, Never-Before-Seen Designs for Rainbows of Fun
4) Loom Magic    Creatures!:25 Awesome Animals and Mythical Beings for a Rainbow of Critters
5) Totally Awesome Rubber Band Jewelry
6) Epic Rubber Band Crafts

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Monday, 25 August 2014

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